The following are some courses being offered that are at least vaguely related to Data Science. Please let us know of others that we should list here.

Fall 2016

These are "topics" courses that are not taught regularly or listed with a fixed syllabus in the catalog. These are excellent opportunities to take a cutting-edge course.
Evolutionary Algorithms Jon Herman
Topology of Data, Mimi Tsuruga
Modern tools for data collection, management and analysis, Damien Caillaud

Winter 2016

MAT 271: Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis, Prof. Naoki Saito
STA250: Numerical Optimization, Prof. Cho Hsieh
ECS170: Artificial Intelligene, Prof. Ian Davidson
ECS230: Applied Numerical Linear Algebra, Prof. Gygi
ECS271: Machine Learning, Prof. Ian Davidson
ECS165A: Database Systems, Nitta
ECS163: Information Interfaces, Kwan-Liu Ma
ECS188: Ethics and Information Age
ECS256: Probabilistic Modeling, Prof. Norm Matloff
MAT128B: Numerical Analysis, Prof. Cheer
MAT226B: Matrix Computations, Prof. Freund
MAT235B: Probability Theory, Prof. Soshnikov
PHY256: Physics of Information and Computation, Prof. Jim Crutchfield

Spring 2016

ECS188: Ethics and Information Age
ECS231: Large Scale Scientific Computing, Prof. Bai
ECS253: Network Theory, Prof. D'Souza

Fall 2015

  • BIM289C - Special Topics in Computational Bioengineering: Genomic Big Data Analysis, taught by Sharon Aviran
  • STA141 - Statistical Computing with R, taught by Duncan Temple Lang
  • ECS171 - Machine Learning, Prof. Ilias Tagkopoulos
  • Other Quarters

    Winter 2015

  • Topics in Convex Optimization
  • Spring 2015

  • 274. Internet Measurements, Modeling and Analysis (4)
  • Fall 2014

  • STA 141 - An Introduction to Statistical Computing
  • CS 171 - Machine Learning
  • STA 138 Categorical Data Analysis
  • CS 132 Probabilistic and Statistical Modeling
  • CS 145 Scripting Languages
  • CS 165 Database Systems
  • CS 175 Computer Graphics
  • CS 275A Advanced Computer Graphics
  • CS 279 Computer Animation
  • Other Quarters

  • MAT167 - Applied Linear Algebra
  • MAT168 - Optimization
  • MAT271 - Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis
  • MAT 280 topics courses have covered: Compressed Sensing, Harmonic Analysis on Graphs and Networks
  • MAT 258A - Numerical Optimization (to be taught again Fall 2015)
  • MAT 258B - Discrete and Mixed Integer Optimization (to be taught again Winter 2016)
  • MATH 160 Introduction to Analytics
  • MATH 189 Capstone Analytics Project
  • STA242 - Graduate Level introduction to Statistical Computing
  • Richard McElreath's course named Statistical Rethining.
  • CS 158 - Programming on Parallel Architectures
  • CS 230 Applied Numerical Linear Algebra
  • CS 275B Advanced Computer Graphics
  • STA 208 - Statistical and Machine Learning Topics
  • ECS 116 - Databases for non-Majors

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